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About me

AR profile 2015I am an E-Learning professional, interested in educational technology to enhance the student digital experience, as well as exploring innovative opportunities to influence how we work, learn and interact with the digital world.

I have over 7 years of experience within Further and Higher Education in UK, teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (E.S.O.L) and Business to learners from Pre-entry level to Higher National Diploma (H.N.D). I have also worked with corporate clients such as Kellogg’s, Valeo, Cargill and Ernst & Young, whilst teaching Business English in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am multi-lingual and speak 3 languages fluently; English, Hindi and Punjabi and others conversationally; French and Spanish.

Currently, I am shaping E-Learning strategy and implementing several avant-garde initiatives such as B.Y.O.D, re-designing learning spaces, scaling up student Digital Leaders, digital literacy projects and supporting staff professional development by breaking down the barriers of using learning technologies.

I am a big fan of free digital tools that help people work collaboratively anytime, anywhere and any device. I believe that learning should not be confined. My skills lie in several areas such as e-learning, teaching, learning and development, public speaking, social media and project management.

Groups: I care about shaping the future of education and how educational technology is taken forward. I am a member of groups in several national agencies; JISC, 157 Group and FELTAG Coalition Learner Engagement Working Group.

Conferences: I have shared best practice and have presented at several annual conferences for JISC (E-factor) and LSIS and have organised an annual conference for Learning Technologies.




People I admire in the world of e-Learning include Salman Khan (Khan Academy), Sugata Mitra (Build a School in the Cloud) and Daphne Koller (Coursera Co-founder). These innovative pioneers have shaped the world of education and e-Learning by opening up opportunities for learning to communities around the world. Lastly, Pranav Mistry (Sixth Sense Technology) for exploring wearable technology back in 2009 and providing new opportunities to influence how we work, learn and interact with the digital world.